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Tips for using E-Rate funds for K-12 schools. E-Rate provides $4 billion in discounts annually for telephone services, Internet access and hosted VoIP telephone services to public and private schools. E-Rate Funds for Schools

The goals of the E-Rate Program are simple: (1) Increase access to advanced telecommunications services throughout the nation. (2) Promote the availability of quality services at just, reasonable, and affordable rates (3) Provide availability of services to all consumers, including those in low income, rural, insular, and high cost areas.

As a E-Rate Vendor of Priority 1 hosted telephone services I have found schools are saving many thousands of dollars every year switching to a hosted platform and gaining calling features they never had before. Our company Carolina Digital Phone offers approved Priority 1 services for schools in the five state region. NC, SC, VA, GA, FL and TN. For more information contact me, Nicky Smith at 336-544-4000 Ext 105 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Bertie County Schools has recently installed a new and improved voice communications system in all of the schools in the school district.  This is great news for our community because it provides a safe environment for our children and it did not cost the district or the local taxpayers a dime – in fact, it is saving local taxpayers over the previous system. The system was acquired through a federally funded program called “E-Rate” administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).  USAC collects fees from phone subscribers and earmarks them for school districts.  The IT Director and his staff at Bertie County Schools has done an excellent job selecting and installing the new VoIP system, and for using the federally funded E-Rate program to pay for it.  It’s nice to know we have a new system that improves safety in the classroom.

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