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Delve Withrington is a designer and artist with 15 years experience designing fonts, websites, print collateral, packaging, architectural signage, logos, and more. Withrington has designed type at FontShop and Monotype Imaging and he has worked with master type designers Sumner Stone, Robin Nicholas, et al. Independently, he operates Delve Fonts and has been a contractor for Veer, FontShop, Saatchi&Saatchi;, HP, and TechTV. His mixed media/assemblage art has been exhibited in Boston, Miami, San Francisco, and Berlin, Germany. He lives with his family in Alameda, CA.

Professional memberships include: Type Directors Club, Society of Typographic Aficionados, and Typophile.

Typefaces by Delve Withrington: Quara, Tilden Sans, Blot Test, Continuo, Delve Hand, Eulipia, Peso

Alameda, CA
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