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Safari 4 vs Firefox 3.5

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I would like to know which browser you guys prefer in terms of best typography. I think i once read an article some times ago, that claimed that Firefox handles typography much better than Safari does. Supporting the use of ligatures and so on.

Is that correct? I’m not very strong on web typography.


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If anything, I would say Safari is more robust with type but the extras aren’t anything too substantial. As for support of letterforms themselves, there’s not a single difference if I’m correct.

The only areas of difference I can think of would be the font smoothing options in Safari that can effect how type looks and the CSS3 that only Safari supports. Besides those, I think they’re pretty much the same.

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Safari’s font rendering is a bit different from Firefox’s. For example, when you use the CSS3 property text-shadow on text, the more you blur the shadow, the lighter the text becomes, whereas in Firefox, font weight is not affected by text-shadow. Some designers use this feature/bug of Safari to create some interesting text varieties, such as Safari 4 also has its fair share of text-rendering bugs as well, one of which is illustrated in this blog entry by Rogie King. There are also minute differences in normal text-rendering, but the difference is almost imperceptible.

Now if only Firefox would implement the sweet transitions that Safari 4 has, then I could completely ditch my bulky scripts to make smoothly fading links.

Apparently, the forum also supports Textile formatting. Sweet.

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Nice, really interesting.
I have been Googleing like crazy in order to find the original article or post I mentioned in the beginning. And I succeed! What do you guys think about this, is it completely rubbish?

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Ah yeah, I had fun with Zapfino and FF/3. I did notice the support for ligatures early, I think. Though I was unaware of support for kerning tables.

Support for kerning with css (without extra markup) would be awesome. In terms of speed, I’d say Safari beats Firefox in most cases. Google Chrome uses Webkit (same render Safari uses), though it’s partially faster (lighter weight). Chrome uses V8 to render Javascript, instead of Squirrelfish (in Safari), which is a bit slower, though it’s not really a bad drawback.

Chrome is still basically beta.