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Suitable serifed text face to combine with Franklin Gothic?

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I am a novice to typography and currently writing a thesis about literature and the material and typographical aspects of books. The (German) author I am writing about is Stefan George, who designed his own font based upon the Akzident Grotesk of Berthold in 1904. I don’t have access to that font (and I do not want to buy the digital version of Georges font), so I will be using Franklin Gothic as a substitute for citings and quotes.

However, I need a serifed text face that will work with FG. Any suggestions? It should be rather common, as I only have the normal word/indesign fonts on my laptop. I would also prefer it not to be too Romantic nor too Renaissance (broad), or too “German”. George was mainly oriented towards France/Italy/Ancient Greece. However it should be beautiful - and legible when printed with a laser printer.

Thanks in advance!