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Font protection questions

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I posted a question like this yesterday, but I would like to rephrase it a little bit here.

I want to protect my fonts from being renamed and stolen from me. I’m in the U.S. - a bad place to be if you design fonts. Other countries allow you to copyright fonts. I have read an article saying that it is not possible to copyright a typeface through the U.S. Copyright Office, even if I wanted to pay for it. The article goes on to say that Adobe and Emigre have sued and won against a company that copied their fonts. “…you cannot copyright the design of the font, but you CAN copyright the PostScript program or TrueType data that draws it … So you can make your own fonts that look the same as another font without infringing copyright, but you can’t copy another program or dataset that draws the font…” I guess that means in that America that it’s totally legal to copy another font designer’s design and there isn’t anything they can do about it. How could this be?

I hope that I can go through a good foundry to sell my fonts for me and also protect my fonts.

I heard that companies like MyFonts can tell when a font designer has copied another font’s data or point data or whatever, but how do you prove that you were the one who created this data in the first place? The font stealer could claim that you are the one who stole it from them, right? 

Thanks in advance

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