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Peter Verheul
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Serif, Old Style
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corporate, hunanist, superfamily, triangular serif


The family started 1993 as a display (italic) typeface called Nardy until 2001. Later Verheul developed an accompanying roman and extended the typeface into a more regular textface.

The character of Versa can be best described by thinking of Hermann Zapf’s Optima, then think of Albertus, the type design by Berthold Wolpe. Then, try to think of a third design that would complete or continue this line of humane, charming, but also strong and personally flavoured type designs.
The Versa family, a serifed and sanserif version, comes in five weights: Light, Normal, Semi-Bold, Bold and Black. Each weight has a roman, italic and matching small capitals. All Versa fonts also have condensed versions, roman, italic, and small capitals, which turns Versa into a super-family extremely suitable for texts in small sizes. At the same time, Versa will perform well in large sizes, due its particular but charming character.

For the Corporate Design of the Dutch National Government (Rijksoverheid) Versa was taken as a starting point by Peter Verheul for a custom design consisting of a serif and a sans in two weights (Regular and Bold) with matching italics.
Originally Versa had been designed for book typography, the Rijksoverheid family though is used in a much wider range of applications. The new design had to look more official, more business-like, but just as legible and economic.

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