Shell Shock

Shell Shock

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Rene Verkaart
Characters Font Foundry
Release Year
Country of Origin
Sans Serif, Geometric Sans
Original Format
chromatic, decorative, geometric, legible, military, sans-serif, stencil, warning


Shell Shock was inspired by stencil typefaces used on military tanks and ammunition boxes.

It can be enhanced with a separate set of bombs and warning signs for the typographer in power.

Shell Shock Cloak is the ultimate add-on for Shell Shock.

This 3-layered ‘Cloaking Device’ enhances the existing Shell Shock. Put the 3 Cloak layers on top of Shell Shock and suddenly it’s camouflaged and you will hardly be able to find it. Use only one extra Cloak layer to give Shell Shock that cool distorted look, like those damaged warsigns on military vehicles.

If you only use the Cloak layers you can create background patterns and structures. Try using different color combinations and you’ll be surprised by the possibilities of Shell Shock Cloak.

It’s preferably seen on clothing, skateboards, party flyers, posters or other daring design.

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