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Akiem Helmling, Bas Jacobs, Sami Kortemäki
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Sauna, a typeface for all sizes.

Sauna was developed between 1999 and 2002. The starting point for the design was the inflamed desire to create an extremely round and heavy display font which would be sexy! The round forms seem even rounder because the type also contains sharp corners and straight lines which create strong contrast. During sauna’s development, lighter weights were added for small sizes, making the Sauna family a flexible and cohesive typeface. Each weight uses Adobe Standard Encoding and has the full Western European character set. All the fonts were manually kerned, including the accented characters.

Sauna radiates warmth and comfort with a contemporary flair.

The family consists of regular, bold and black weights. The regular and bold weights are designed to complement each other in all type sizes from fine print to display settings. The regular weight is bundled with small caps, while the black weight is designed specifically for larger display sizes.

For each weight there are two italics: the normal italic and a swash italic. The regular italic is formal and stable while the swash italic is more outgoing and festive. Besides the ten core fonts which make up Sauna, each weight (reg., bold, black) also includes a special ligature font. These work particularly well with the swash italics. But wait – there’s more! Included dingbats add colour for your typography. The timely Dingbat fonts contain 26 illustrations which can be used either as plain black and white illustrations, or as layered, multi-coloured line-art.

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