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Initiated as a project at Werkplaats Typographie, Dries Wiewauters. began exploring a stencil based system originally designed by Joseph A. David. In 1876 David acquired the patent for a system that he had invented for sign-writers. With a universal stencil, all UPPERCASE, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, accents etc could be sourced from the grid of the stencil. Dries used this stencil or Plaque Decoupee Universelle (PDU) and began an exploration into the liberties and restrictions of a unified grid. We are happy to now present this new release.

The font itself has 2 cuts, regular (a filled version of the stencil), and outline (this cut staying true to the hand rendering via the stencil). Alongside these cuts are corresponding pattern cuts in outline and regular. Boasting a glyph count of 1578 for each cut of PDU, alongside 229 glyphs included in the patterns. The corresponding pattern is provided free with the purchased with the regular and outline cuts of PDU.

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