P22 Dada Pro

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Richard Kegler
P22 type foundry
Release Year
Country of Origin
United States
Ornamented, Novelty
Original Format
P22, MyFonts, FontShop
dada, decorative, husselbach, irregular, random, ransom, schwitters


The daDa font is a tribute to the typography of the dadA artists.

Dada Special Edition is an expanded version of the P22 Dada font given new life with the introduction of OpenType programming. The new version includes 2 fonts in Post Script and TrueType formats and one Opentype font that features over 500 glyphs of letters and images that create some unexpected design results.

The Dada “Special Edition” packaging and expanded font was made to coincide with the “First Major International Dada Museum Exhibition in The United States” which opened at the National Gallery of Art in February, 2006.

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