Mother Hubbard


John F. Cumming
Dickinson Type Foundry
Release Year
Country of Origin
United States
Ornamented, Novelty, Art Nouveau
Original Format
Metal (Foundry)
art nouveau


Mother Hubbard was originated by the Dickinson Type Foundry in Boston, (1880-1895). The original fonts had line ending ornaments and also swashes. The swash was placed above the type. Applied to the Monopol specimen, it might be placed to start at the top right serif of the A and swirl up over the B. It could also start at the top left serif of the B and swirl back over the A. The swash would have been on a smaller body. If you have 24 pt. type, the swash might have been on a 6 or 8-point body. May be derivative of Monopol or vice versa.

Background Source

  • Greg Walters
  • Mike Freiman

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