Lucida Fax

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Charles Bigelow, Kris Holmes
Monotype Imaging , Bigelow & Holmes
Release Year
Country of Origin
United States
Serif, Slab Serif
Original Format


Lucida Fax is a family of slab serif fonts designed for telefaxing, low-resolution printing, screen displays and other applications where fonts are rendered and reproduced at low resolutions. The Lucida Fax font family is also useful in packaging, labeling, directories, indices, parts lists and other reference texts where clarity, sturdiness, economy and legibility at small sizes are important. First released in 1992, Lucida Fax has the same large x height, clear letter shapes and open counters of Lucida Bright, but is more rugged, with heavier hairlines, and thicker slab shaped serifs and greater space between letters. Lucida Fax also has the simplicity, regularity and clarity that are important to younger readers.

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