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Hendrik Weber’s Lirico is a characterful, contemporary text type that is at once elegant and sturdy, charming and reliable. It is the designer’s first commercially available type, though it is by no means the work of a beginner. Weber is in fact an accomplished calligrapher and designer with a fine sensitivity to letterforms.

Weber began work on Lirico by creating the italic style first, then matching a roman to it. With the tradition and constraints of seriffed types in mind, Weber succeeds in bringing out a truly original design, without leaning on the work of other ‘in-vogue’ type designers, as so often happens these days. Specifically designed for texts, Lirico is unabashedly traditional yet pleasantly up-to-date. Its qualities will delight graphic designers and experienced typographers alike.

The Lirico family consists of roman and italic designs in six weights – ExtraLight, Light, Normal, SemiBold, Bold and Black – and one width. Next to the standard character set (STD), the pro character set (PRO) includes small caps; lining, old style and small cap figures (each in tabular and proportional widths); fractions; comprehensive superiors, inferiors, nominators and denominators; case sensitive punctuation sets; mathematical and monetary symbols; arrows; standard and discretionary ligatures; and a complete range of accents covering all (Latin script based) Western, Central and East European languages.

Produced and released by OurType in 2008, Lirico is available in OpenType STD&PRO. Lirico has won a TDC2 award in 2009.

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