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Officina started under the working title ITC Correspondence in 1988 and was designed for office documents and business correspondence produced on low-resolution (laser-)printers.
Inspired by the typewriter faces Letter Gothic and Courier Spiekermann began to work on the sans, also with an eye on the font he designed for the German Post (and later became FF Meta). His friend Gerard Unger offered to help with the seriffed version but had to go further with different projects after the first sketches for the testword »Hamburgefons«.
In 1989 Just van Rossum assisted in finishing the Sans and together with Spiekermann designed the slab-seriffed Officina Serif out of Unger’s sketches. URW generated the font-data and added the rounded edges.
When the proofs came from ITC in the summer of 1990 Spiekermann first was quite disappointed finding his discreet hanging figures changed into standard ones. In 2003 FontShop reworked the family completely as intended by the designer.

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