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Henning Skibbe
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Several considerations lie at the basis for Haptic, the typeface Henning Skibbe designed for his thesis. On the one hand he wanted to develop a sans serif typeface, on the other hand he set out to research with how much «character» a design can stand before it starts affecting legibility. This character is deter­mined by many factors \” contrast, serifs, counters, intercharacter space, cap-, ascender-, descender- and x-height, width, line quality, ductus, etc. Haptic is neither cool nor technical; it conveys visual warmth and sympathy, but remains perfectly readable and therefore versatile. From the onset Haptic was planned as a type family. It comes in a wide range of weights, carefully balanced to serve all typographic needs.

Large parts of the typeface were sketched and drawn directly on the computer. The rounded, slightly broadened stroke endings •€\” derived from ink bleed when writing with pen and ink \” emphasise the x-height and guide the eye along the text. Pronounced ink traps are featured in both the italic and the roman styles. The terminals are either slightly angular or have a convex swing, similar to those found in analogue writing. The overall impression is soft and friendly.

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