Goudy Bookletter 1911

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Barry Schwartz
The League of Moveable Type
Release Year
Country of Origin
United States
Serif, Old Style, Antique
Original Format
The League of Moveable Type
free, oldstyle, serif


Based on Frederic Goudy’s Kennerley Oldstyle.

This font is in the public domain.

Designer Barry Schwartz on why he thinks Kennerley Oldstyle is beautiful:

In making this font, I discovered that Kennerley fits together tightly and evenly with almost no kerning. Thus the following words from Monotype specimen books are just: “[W]hen composed into words the characters appear to lock into one another with a closeness common in early types, but not so often seen in later-day creations.” These are letters that take command of the space around them; notice, for instance, the bowed shapes of the v and w.

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