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Natascha Dell, Kai Oetzbach
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gothic, sans, text


Remember the early american oldschool M. Fuller-Benton-Stylish gothic fonts (like Franklin Gothic, News Gothic) or the later established Trade Gothic (J. Burke) and even Matthew Carter´s Bell Centennial/Gothic?

They all come up with a proportional enlarged x-height, slightly narrow appearance, an antiqua-stylish-open letter ğaĞ and a two-story “g”. It is obvious, that the formal architecture of all these fonts is the result of combining a reasonable legibility with an economic, space-saving setting.

In the design-process of Gedau Gothic we´ve thought about our own contemporary interpretation of those characteristics, combining them with more closed counters (in the glyphs a, c, e, s …), and spice it up with a mild newschool square sans touch.

The naming of Gedau Gothic is an acknowledgement to the valley of Gedau (german: Gedautal), the place we have been living for the last two years. I do not see it in a direct way as a source of inspiration on our fontdesign but working and living here – in direct contact to a “natural” environment – means living in a total balance between work an recreation.

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