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Fred Smeijers
Release Year
Country of Origin
Serif, Old Style
Original Format
FontShop, OurType


A large, multipurpose type family designed by Fred Smeijers, Fresco was first shown in Items, the Dutch design magazine, in October 1998. The character of Fresco can be described as a refreshment of traditional and conventional issues: being definitely a contemporary typeface, it shamelessly embraces all the good given by tradition. Professional users might like the typographical reach of the Fresco family. Extremely suitable for setting serious reading matter, Fresco equally blends very well into the corporate world; magazines are another area of use. Originally available in serif and sans serif versions, the family was augmented with informal and script variants of the sans.

In March 2006 OurType released a new variation of Fresco fonts – Fresco Plus. This version of Fresco was developed for particular typographic use and features slightly longer ascenders and descenders. Identical kerning and spacing of both Fresco and Fresco Plus families allows an easy switch between, or combination of the two variations within the same body of text.

Fresco fonts can be purchased individually, but the packages on this page offer the best value and performance. Discounted packages containing complementary fonts ensure you get all the styles you need for professional typography.

While TrueType and PostScript formats are still available, we recommend the newer OpenType fonts to most customers as they offer the most versatility and ease-of-use, as well as compatibility with modern design applications. OpenType Pro fonts offer additional ligatures, fractions, superiors, inferiors, denominators and additional small capital-height punctuation. OpenType Pro fonts support the Latin Extended 1 character set, which is a valuable tool for composing multilingual text.

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