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Fred Smeijers
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Script, Casual Script
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Fresco Script is the least formal part of the Fresco family. The strokes of Fresco Script are loose and spontaneous, yet controlled enough to make sense. In fact, the backbone of the letters is a loose interpretation of the classical humanist italic. Fresco Script resembles quick and therefore loose handwriting: a semi-formal letter made with a contemporary writing tool. As a result it does not have much of a calligraphic atmosphere, such as one often sees in older scripts. At the same time, there is no sense of that overdone fantasy which at the first sight looks interesting, but which quickly becomes boring and outdated. These features are more than enough to make something that resembles a handwritten letter. So Fresco Script does not need the usual connectors between letters, which only use up white and therefore space. Having said this, Fresco Script fonts have their limitations in use, like any other script letters.

Fresco Script comes in five weights: light, normal, semibold, bold and black. People do not normally write non-lining figures, and Fresco Script does not have them.

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