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Veronika Burian, Fabio Haag
Dalton Maag
Release Year
Country of Origin
United Kingdom
Sans Serif
Original Format
Dalton Maag, FontShop


In Spring 2002 Bruno Maag gave a type design workshop in São Paulo, Brazil. During this workshop the initial concept ideas for Foco were created by Fabio Haag, a young designer from Sapiranga, Southern Brazil. Fabio then continued to work on the typeface, expanding it to a more complete character set. All the while he sent his work to Bruno for comments. Two years ago Dalton Maag decided that Foco would make a nice addition to its already eclectic font library. The design team at Dalton Maag took the digital drawings by Fabio and reworked them to ensure that the typeface is to the same high quality standards as all Dalton Maag Exclusive fonts. The result is a four weight font family with open and round character shapes that feel warm and inviting.

The high degree of design refinement and attention paid to the spacing make this typeface very legible. We think that Foco is particularly well suited for use in publishing and advertising environments, ranging from billboard applications to leaders into a magazine article.

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