FF Milo Sans


Mike Abbink
Release Year
Country of Origin
United States
Sans Serif, Humanist Sans
Original Format
sans serif, superfamily


Mike Abbink started Milo in 2000 with the goal of a compact typeface with very low ascenders and descenders. Because of its compact design Milo is a workhorse typeface suitable for magazine and newspaper typography. It has modern bones with a touch of detail for distinction (especially in the italics).

The name Milo is from a resilient grain and that’s why I chose this name for the typeface. I wanted it to be a basic usable font like corn or grain is to any culture. I like the low ascender/descends and the italic version of Milo. It has unique little serifs at the end of terminals to help differentiate it from the roman. It is also a true italic and not an oblique. Together this creates a nice contrast with the roman in text. Paul van der laan developed the additional weights for Milo 3 (Light, Extra Light and Thin).

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