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Erik Spiekermann, Lucas de Groot
Release Year
Country of Origin
Sans Serif, Humanist Sans
Original Format
Paratype, FontShop
1990s, corporate, humanist, sans serif, superfamily


FF Meta is a humanist sans-serif typeface family designed by Erik Spiekermann. It was originally developed in 1986 as a commission for a corporate typeface for the Deutsche Bundespost (German Federal Post), but was never adopted for use.
Meta was designed to be a readable, sturdy, basic sans serif typeface, working on the postage stamp scale, but also as livery for post boxes and Deutsche Bundespost vehicles. Attention was paid to creating a face that was easily readable from an angle, and in smaller point sizes. In 1989 it was digitised again using Fontographer in the Macintosh, and three styles were made by Just van Rossum. In the period 1991 to 1998 a larger typeface family was developed, adding small capitals.
In 2001 a Cyrillic version was developed by Tagir Safayev and Olga Chayeva.
A serif companion, entitled FF Meta Serif, was completed in 2007 by Erik Spiekermann, Christian Schwartz and Kris Sowersby.


*It is the typeface used by Connex in the Stockholm Metro. In the US it has been used for I.D. and Reason magazines. *In Australia, the ANZ Bank has adopted the font as its corporate type, as has the Queensland Government. *It is also the official print typeface for Imperial College London and for all publications for the U.K.‘s Environment Agency. *It is the typeface used by the Mozilla Foundation. *It is the typeface used by Second Life. *It is the typeface used in the logo of The University of Windsor. *Il seems to be the face used by European Commission for Tempus Program.

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