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Nina Stössinger
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Serif, Slab Serif
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FontFont, FontShop
serif, slab, text


FF Ernestine was born from the search for a versatile monoline text typeface that would feel warm, but also serious; slightly feminine, but not too swirly-girly; charming, yet sturdy. Its rather large x-height and wide, open shapes enable it to work well down to very small sizes; its large, heavy serifs talk business and anchor it firmly to the page, while its ball terminals lend it a friendly, slightly playful voice.

The Latin and Armenian base cuts are relatively independent master designs unified by color and apparent size, and by their similar typographic mood; both are culturally authentic & specifically optimized for their respective script. The Latin Italic acts as a “pivot” in the family. It shares the vertical proportions of the Latin Roman, and the slant and serif structure of its Armenian sibling. This also has the effect that the Italics are only slightly slanted, and not very cursive in structure; they are differentiated from the Roman also by way of their narrower proportions, different serif structure, and slightly lighter weight. If you’d like to pair Armenian and Latin, the Italic is interesting as an especially close partner to pair with the Armenian. If you don’t, well, it’s the Italic – an Italic which, as it’s not so cursive or slanted as to be distracting, can be rather nice to read for extended passages of text as well.

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