FF Danubia


Viktor Solt-Bittner
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Serif, Modern, Didone
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high contrast, modern


Starting point for FF Danubia were typefaces of the 18th century. Viktor Solt-Bittner was experimenting with the typical elements of classicistic type (like the abrupt change from hairlines to thicker lines) developing them further and redrawing them. At times he departed from these models, for instance in the basic forms of the italic letters.

The lower case letters s, v, w and x are actually smaller upper case letters. By the form of their upstrokes and endings Viktor has tried to adjust them to the other lower case letters.

Danubia Script: Since the Renaissance the form of our italic typefaces has been based on the handwriting of the 16th century, and while handwriting has changed considerably in the course of time these italics have not. Viktor designed FF Danubia Script as an alternative, mainly for display use, based on 18th century typefaces like the other FF Danubia fonts.

FF Danubia is suitable for both body and display text. Individual details hardly noticeable in small sizes become more evident in larger size, thereby expressing FF Danubia’s character.

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