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Ole Schäfer, Andreas Eigendorf
Release Year
Country of Origin
Sans Serif, Humanist Sans
Original Format
corporate, editorial, extensive family, sans serif


FF Fago is a true corporate typeface, the result of many years of experience with the challenges and requirements of complex corporate design projects. FF Fago offers a series of five finely balanced weights in three widths each, enough for every conceivable application. The various widths were conscientiously planned and drawn to compliment and combine with each other. The family is extensive and includes the following variations for each weight: italic, italic small caps, regular small caps and expert sets.

The Roman weights include Old Style Figures for use in blocks of text. The sets demarcated with LF include lining figures whose height are just under that of the uppercase characters. These figures work well in text body and are an excellent solution for headlines. The TF sets include tabular figures; the same height as the uppercase and with equal widths they are the perfect choice for tables and columns. Currency symbols have been made to suit the figures.

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