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Peter Bilak
Release Year
Country of Origin
Czech Republic
Original Format
humanist, serif, spiky, sturdy, superfamily


Eureka is a contemporary humanistic typeface family suitable for traditional high-resolution print purposes, office application and multi-media use. The typeface has economic (space-saving) proportions. The space thus gained was used to create a looser spacing, since it is the white space that we unconsciously read, not the actual letterforms. Looser spacing helps to avoid the typographic noise inside a text, and retains the individuality of letters. Eureka’s letterforms sufficiently differs and create a pleasent color of a text. Eureka has rather long ascenders and descenders [low x-height], which gives breathing space to accomodate accents. Hence, it may be perceived smaller within the same physically measurable point size compared with similar typefaces.

The original drawings for Eureka date from 1995 when it was designed for the bilingual text of Transparency. The typeface works especially well for languages with accented characters. Many contemporary western typefaces have large x-heights which leave little room to accommodate accents, the result is that they are small and cramped. However, in many languages the accents are an integral part of the alphabet and shouldn’t be reduced in size and importance. Slovakian for instance uses 45 characters instead of 26 used in English. In order to maintain a proper rhythm in the text, the proportions of the typeface are adjusted. The height of the ascenders and descenders is 1.7 times the x-height. This relatively small x-height leaves room for longer descenders and ascenders which in turn better accommodate accents and punctuation, it also gives the typeface its distinctive character. The large serifs visually balance the larger accents.

Eureka family contains a whole set of specials characters : ligatures, old-style figures (non lining), mathematical symbols, phonetical signs, fractions, arrows and ornaments. Eureka Serif and Sans are available in standard western version, CE and EE.

Eureka family has won the ‘best design in the category of type’ at the 19th International Bienale of Graphic Design in Brno, Czech Republic in 2000.

Download a printable PDF file of Eureka family or free expert font and ligatures.

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