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Erik van Blokland
House Industries
Release Year
Country of Origin
Serif, Slab Serif, Clarendon
Original Format
House Industries
bracketed modern, clarendon, slab serif


Eames Century Modern is a typographic workhorse that honors the Eames aesthetic while offering unprecedented functionality. An eighteen-style serif typeface family strikes an unprecedented balance between distinctive idiosyncrasies, readability and space economy. Its 18 styles include gracefully complementary italics and a virtually endless supply of deep text handling features. Carefully-weighted small caps, nine different figure styles, ligatures, contextual alternate forms and thousands of lines of computer code give Eames Century Modern a significant edge in contemporary design environments. A stencil font on the heaviest weight of Eames Century Modern takes the curvature of bent plywood and abstracts the shapes into type.

In a nod to Charles and Ray’s infatuation with circus imagery, we penned three elephantine numeral fonts whose woodcut-inspired forms leave a tastefully pachydermic impact on any layout. Fanciful figures from Ray’s January and December 1943 Arts and Architecture® covers were the impetus for a more delicate set of numbers. All four figure sets boast a rich array of currency symbols, punctuation and a sophisticated fraction feature.

The Eames’ pragmatism was always tempered with their love of adornment, so this collection would not be complete without a host of carefully drawn ornaments and a galley of frames. These elements are sure to provide dignified directional stability and exquisitely cultivated closure to any design project.

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