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Fred Smeijers
Release Year
Country of Origin
Serif, Old Style, Dutch Old Style
Original Format
FontShop, OurType
books, dutch, elegant, legible, novels, renaissance, small-sizes, text, warm


Custodia, designed by Fred Smeijers, is a refinement of seventeenth-century Dutch flavours. Designed in 2002 for publications of the Custodia Foundation in Paris, it has been published by OurType in 2003 in a single weight. Seven years later, Custodia has been expanded to three weights of roman and italics in OpenType PRO character set. The update incorporates subtle improvements to glyph detailing and spacing, and the addition of italic stylistic alternates.

Custodia’s new semibold weight performs superbly well at very small sizes. Its new bold will prove especially helpful for the necessary emphases of typographic designing. Use it large and Custodia will turn respectful tradition into lively and dynamic typography.

Custodia’s design delivers a warm, comfortable text-image. Its pleasantly uneven rhythm captures the not-quite-perfect lettershapes of master punchcutters working in Delft, Rotterdam, Amsterdam or Haarlem in the later seventeenth century: Christoffel van Dijck, Dirck Voskens, Johan Michael Smit, Jean Baptiste van Wolschaten.

The standard character set (STD) includes small caps and basic sets of figures. The pro character set (PRO) includes small caps; lining, old style and small cap figures (each in tabular and proportional widths); fractions; comprehensive superiors, inferiors, nominators and denominators; case sensitive punctuation sets; mathematical and monetary symbols; arrows; standard and discretionary ligatures; stylistic alternates’ set; and a complete range of accents covering all (Latin script based) Western, Central and East European languages.

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