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Rene Verkaart
Characters Font Foundry
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Ornamented, Novelty
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Volcano Type
bastard, comic, custom, flower, fun


Boris Kahl from Volcano Type asked me if I would like to submit a font for their new Bastard book.

The idea behind Bastard was to bring together photographers, writers, illustrators, graphic designers, musicians and typographers to create a solid and unique book that also functions as a work of art. Bastard is all about cultural identity and the development of new things by sampling, mixing and crossing.
Beside pictures from the photographer Christian Ernst and illustrations from Andre Rösler, the new fonts will be presented. Writers all around the world contributed short stories to complete the book.

After some consideration I descided to take my chances and mess up Nantua, an old font of mine. What evolved out of it is Cucaracha a freaky, crazy, kinda flowery-looking family of three fonts:

- Cucaracha Font – Cucaracha Wixa – Cucaracha Icons

I had so much fun working on Cucaracha Font that I descided to make special Icons out of the most distinctive characters. With these Icons you can create your own wallpapers and various decorative elements.
Last but not least, I made a Wixa version. This is a double outlined version of the Cucaracha Font, to be used for setting big headlines.

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