Christoph Noordzij
The Enschede Font Foundry
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The Enschede Font Foundry
bookcover, corporate, dutch, legible, old style, open, serif


Collis (designed in 1993 by Christoph Noordzij), is a typical The Hague-style typeface with a certain elegance. With its well considered contrast, weight and spacing it can be applied in small sizes as well as in display sizes on bookcovers and posters. The roman and italic each supplied in seven font layouts make it suited to complex typographic problem solving. Collis can therefore be used in a wide variety of applications.

The roman and italic consist of seven fonts each:
Tekstcijferfont (Txt): standard font containing old style figures with individual widths
Bijbelfont (Bib): standard font containing lowered accented capitals and old style figures with individual widths;
Mediaevalfont (Med): standard font containing old style figures with identical widths;
Tabelcijferfont (Tab): standard font containing lining figures with identical widths;
Expertfont (Exp): small capitals font containing old style figures with identical widhts;
Swashfont (Swa): alternative (swash)characters;
Pi-font (Pi): special symbols and lining figures with individual widths.
The mediaevalfont allows users to set old style figures in text without switching to an expert font. In the tekstcijferfont the widths of the figures have been designed to complement the lowercase and thin figures like ‘1’ don’t have to be spaced manually. The figures in the Mediaevalfont, Tabelcijferfont, and Expertfont share the same widths, which makes them suitable for tabular setting. The lowered accented capitals in the Bijbelfont have been designed specifically for tight linespacing (leading). The capital ‘Ü’ has the same height as the capital ‘U’, hereby eliminating the effect the dieresis has on the whitespace between the lines. The standard fonts (Med, Tab and Txt) contain more than 800 kerning pairs per font.

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