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Morris Fuller Benton, Linn Boyd Benton, T. L. De Vinne
American Type Founders
Release Year
Country of Origin
United States
Serif, Transitional
Original Format
Metal (Foundry)
1900s, serif, text, transitional


The first Century™ Fonts Family was cut by Linn Boyd Benton working with T. L. De Vinne for Century magazine to replace the unsuitable face they had used previously. This was followed a few years later, at the turn of the century, by Century Expanded. It was Morris Fuller Benton, who made several other versions of Century™, who also made several versions Schoolbook for ATF, starting in about 1919. The best known appeared in 1924. This face does the job it was meant to do very well. Century fonts are round, open, and sturdy, and although heavier in appearance than many other serif fonts, Century™ Fonts Family comes near the top of the list of no-nonsense text fonts that will withstand a lot of punishment. Generations of children learned to read with this century font.

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