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Jeremy Dean
House Industries
Release Year
Country of Origin
United States
Ornamented, Novelty
Original Format
House Industries


Even though it has been falling in and out of vogue with the creative elite for nearly three decades, our love affair with punk rock-inspired distressed deconstructionism has never fully waned. One of our early commercial successes, Jeremy Dean’s Crackhouse font, morphed into three font collections and an endless supply of inspiration for our creative ventures. The Bad Neighborhood and Scrawl font collections were responses to the demand of the design marketplace in the mid 1990s, an era that saw “grunge” work its way into the mainstream through the “Rowhouse” font we designed for MTV’s on-air titles. When we finally tired of creating distressed typography we took one last stab at the genre with the Flyer Fonts, a musical and typographical appreciation of the punk rock movement that gave us our source material. A decade later, Crackhouse has made its way into the Macintosh operating system and we still sometimes use our clunky old photocopier to rough things up a bit.

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