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Yo Tomita
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United Kingdom
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music, music notation, serif


Bach is a set of software fonts for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista and other earlier variants that can make use of Windows’ TrueType fonts. It can also be used with Apple Macintosh and other systems if imported/converted appropriately.

Bach is for people who wish to write essays or compiling databases with some musical symbols in them. Unlike those fonts bundled in score editors such as Coda’s Petrucci or Adobe’s Sonata, Bach has a comprehensive set of beamed notes (up to hemidemisemiquavers) and ornaments. When used in Wordprocessor the insertion of the symbols does not affect the line spacing of paragraphs.

The musical symbols in Bach follow the convention used in many academic books and journals, and is recommended by some academic publishers including Ashgate and Yale UP. Instead of inserting a musical example, it is often sufficient to insert a few musical symbols such as pitch and rhythms directly in sentences; it often helps to retain the flow of discussion.

From its initial release in 1992 until May 2005, Bach was marketed as shareware. After that date, the software became freeware

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