Azo Sans

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Sans Serif, Geometric Sans
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classic, clean, elegant, fashionable, geometric, legible, linear, magazine, modern, sans, text, true italics


Azo Sans is a new grotesque loosely based on the elementary forms of geometry. It is inspired by the constructiv- ist typefaces of the 1920’s, but is instilled with a humanistic quality. With attributes usually found on dynamic sans serifs, like the modulation of the strokes, humanistic proportions and open curved shapes, Azo Sans still feels geo- metrically constructed, somehow mechanical and precise, although pure geometry is hardly found. The o has the appearance of a perfect circle, however it is optically adjusted. The bowls on b d p q attain an almost calligraphic quality in their modulation. All the curved shapes end in precise vertical cuts, since the Futura-like c, was created from the slicing off the o its right portion. The h n m have curves leaning to the right for a more dynamic look, rather than featuring symmetric counters with round junctures, like the typical circle based alphabet.
Azo Sans is full of nuances that soften the strictness of pure geometry, making the typeface more human and pleasant to read in longer body text, while maintaining a sober and rational appearance. Azo Sans comes in six weights from Thin to Black, with a matching cursive italic for every weight.

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