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Jim Ford
Release Year
Country of Origin
United States
Sans Serif, Humanist Sans
Original Format
Ascender Fonts
ascender, fonts, ford, pro, upright


Ayita Pro is a cheerful new sans serif design by Jim Ford. Ayita is a Cherokee name which translates to “first in dance” and recalls the exuberant rhythm and flow of these 14 new typefaces. Originally conceived as an upright italic design, the Ayita typeface family remains contemporary, friendly and elegant yet hard working. Ayita’s open shapes render faithfully at small point sizes and on device screens while the compact design allows more characters per line for headlines. The Ayita Pro fonts feature a typographically-rich Latin character set, with OpenType features for advanced design applications and a variety of decorative patterns and ornaments to fuel your creativity. Ayita Pro is a unique and powerful design that is useful for a wide variety of applications from fashionable headlines and greeting cards to user interfaces, packaging and signage. The Ayita Pro Complete font family contains 14 fonts in total. An OpenType-compatible application is required to access the advanced typographic features.

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