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Artcraft Pro is a digital interpretation by Jim Ford which is based on Robert Wiebking’s 1912 cutting of Artcraft Roman. The Pro character set includes alternates, swashes and ligatures and the euro many which can also be found in the metal version. The delicate Artcraft lends an old-fashioned charm to greeting cards, wedding invitations, and formal stationery. Character Set – Latin-1 plus OpenType extras.
Artcraft Pro is a trademark is a trademark of Ascender Corporation and may be registered under certain jurisdictions. Copyright © 2007 by Ascender Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Adding Your Photos

To have your photos for a typeface show up here, upload them to Flickr and tag them with machine tags. Read more about Typedia and machine tags.

Some examples:

  • type:face=helvetica
  • type:style=bold
  • type:foundry=linotype
  • type:designer="max miedinger"

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