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Fred Smeijers
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Serif, Transitional
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FontShop, OurType
books, dutch, editorial, newspaper, serif, textface


Arnhem was initially designed for the Nederlandse Staatscourant, the daily newspaper of the Dutch state. This typeface can be classified as a very functional design suitable for setting text in large quantities. The family consists of four weights: blond, normal, bold and black. Each weight has a roman and an italic, and both have matching small caps, lining figures, non-lining figures and small cap figures.

Arnhem Normal has a strong colour, which is good especially in small sizes and in less than optimal printing circumstances. Arnhem does not have a light weight, instead there is a blond version. The blond a bit too heavy to be classified as a real light is meant to be used in those circumstances in which a strong colour is not really wanted or needed.

Arnhem text faces are accompanied by two titling variants in roman and
italic: Arnhem Fine.
Especially designed to perform best in sizes larger than 14 point, the design can be crisper in the details, such as serifs or curve connections. Another important difference concerns the design proportions the fine versions have longer ascenders and descenders and the x-height is smaller compared to Arnhem text fonts.

If you want to achieve an impressive title-page in which the drawing and general character of the typeface plays an important role, then Fine is the right choice. So Arnhem Fine does not have the typical text components, like small caps or non-lining figures. Arnhem Fine consists of normal and bold only, both with matching italics. Arnhem Fine complements the other Arnhem fonts, and completes the Arnhem family.

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