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Alex Varanese
Alex Varanese
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Alex Varanese
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Antechamber’s namesake, an architectural term referring to a smaller space leading into a larger one, is perhaps most descriptive of the uppercase set. Its foundation as an unremarkable condensed sans in the vein of Trade Gothic, Univers and Akzidenz is modulated by exaggerated ink traps of dubious functional value but stylistic certainty that give it an industrial, machined look. Like tiny entry halls, they lead the way into the cavernous spaces that separate strokes and define counters.

The lowercase set, however, embodies a conveniently homonymous term that I should volunteer might be made up??“antichamber??“that I’ve decided refers to the opposite of space, the inversion of order, and the reversal of structure. Each haphazardly designed alternate fills counters, connects strokes and collapses inward on emptiness to punctuate the harmony with chaotically fashionable arrhythmic disruptions. Please use responsibly.

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