Angel Script

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Neil Summerour
Release Year
Country of Origin
United States
Script, Casual Script
Original Format
TypeTrust, MyFonts, FontShop
connected, energetic, headline, ligatures, light, script, simple, swashes


Angel Script found its origins a few years ago when I was developing Luce. Luce utilized varying style numbers to allow you to mix/match and create different type looks. This was before OpenType had caught on and the type family was inflexible by my standards. Fast forward to 2009… I had pulled out a stack of old type sketches and proofs, some of which had samples of Luce. My daughter happened upon the stack and rifled through them. She said she liked these ‘letters’, dropped the stack of papers and went about her business. The top sheet had an unreleased set of Luce ligature “doodles”. I moved the script to the front burner and started from scratch….creating all new and unique letterforms that each work with the next while keeping the frenetic flow that attracted me to the font concept to begin with.

The end result was Angel Script, a light, contemporary monoline script. There’s approximately 695 individual glyphs complete with Stylistic and Contextual Alternates, Titling Alternates, Swashes and even Old Style Numerals. Needless to say, there’s a lot ‘under the hood’, and the typographic flexibility I wanted with earlier concepts shows in grand style with this release. The single weight font includes a complete Central European and Western diacritic set as well.

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