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  1. Erbar Typeface
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    Erbar or Erbar Grotesk, designed by Jakob Erbar (Ludwig & Mayer) in the early 1920s, is a truly key design…

  2. Octavian Typeface
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    Octavian was designed by Will Carter and David Kindersley for the Monotype Corporation in 1961. Mr. Carter writes: “While the…

  3. MoT Serif Typeface
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    In 1961 he submitted MoT Serif after being ‘appalled’ with the new lettering to be used on UK road signs,…

  4. Moderno FB Typeface
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    In 1995, David Berlow cut FB Moderno for Esquire Gentleman and Reforma from a TrueType pole of Giza. Berlow conceived…

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