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  1. Jasper TC Typeface
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  2. Neue Swift Typeface
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    It would be difficult to describe Neue Swift as a redesign of the classic Swift typeface family. Neue Swift is…

  3. Brioni Typeface

    Brioni developed spontaneously from practice with a broad-nib pen, but the result is a hybrid of calligraphic influences and subtle…

  4. Tesla Dynamo Typeface

    Tesla Dynamo is a display sans typeface available in two styles. Style A, with open counters and B, with closed…

  5. ITC Mendoza Typeface

    ITC Mendoza Roman, designed in 1991 by José Mendoza, is a handsome typeface with uncommon evenness and proportion; the italic…

  6. Swift 2.0 Typeface
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    Gerard Unger developed this newspaper font between 1984 and 1987 for Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell GmbH, Kiel. He was mainly influenced…

  7. Swift Typeface
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    “Many of my type designs have been the result of my own initiative,* particularly my newsfaces. The first of these…

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