Explore: Jason Weaver’s Additions

  1. Forelle Typeface

    In einem Bächlein helle, da schoß in froher Ei die launische Forelle vorüber wie ein Pfeil. Ich stand an dem…

  2. Habano ST Typeface

    Habano is an eleganty flowing bold script with some very surprising traits. Taking its roots in both the art deco…

  3. Days Typeface
  4. Cyclone Typeface

    Cyclone includes not only a “shaded” font, but a pair of separate layers for the background and inline, making it…

  5. Dynamic BRK Typeface
  6. Cochin Typeface

    In 1913 Georges Peignot produced a typeface based on Nicolas Cochin’s eighteenth century engravings. In 1977, Matthew Carter expanded this…

  7. Hurtmold Typeface

    Free font for personal…

  8. Notre Dame Roman Typeface

    Notre Dame font is a part of the 1990 program ““Type before Gutenberg”“, which included the work of twelve contemporary…

  9. BodoniXT Typeface
  10. Bodonitown Typeface
  11. Bebas Typeface

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