Explore: Rebeletter Studios’ Additions

  1. Pokerface Typeface
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    Pokerface™ is an industrious mixed-case display font devised on the theme of playing cards, designed by Jim Ford. Most letterforms…

  2. Resonance Typeface

    Resonance is a family of 6 display typefaces featuring smooth curves and fine lines, evoking the spirit of the 1970s.…

  3. Moire Typeface
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    Moire™ is a block-style sans serif font designed by Jim Ford in the spirit of typefaces popular during the 1950’s.…

  4. Captain Quill Typeface
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    Captain Quill™ is a lively calligraphic style script font designed by Jim Ford, based on the handwriting of the legendary…

  5. Artcraft Pro Typeface
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    Artcraft Pro is a digital interpretation by Jim Ford which is based on Robert Wiebking’s 1912 cutting of Artcraft Roman.…

  6. Ayita Pro Typeface
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    Ayita Pro is a cheerful new sans serif design by Jim Ford. Ayita is a Cherokee name which translates to…

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