Explore: Kristin’s Additions

  1. Whitman Typeface

    Inspired by W.A. Dwiggins’…

  2. Melvern Typeface
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  3. Paradigm Typeface
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    Originally released in 1995 as a three font family, Paradigm forcefully addressed the emaciating effect that digitization was then exerting…

  4. Duffy Script Typeface

    Duffy Script is an interpretation of the lettering of contemporary illustrator Amanda Duffy, aka Losergirl. Each font contains four glyphs…

  5. Beaufort Typeface
  6. Artefact Typeface
  7. Alphaville Typeface
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  8. FF Fontesque Typeface

    FF Fontesque was intended to be very loose, with extreme proportions, but still beautifully drawn. The font is based on…

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