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Word and image are the key components in any graphic campaign. Each must effectively convey the message on both a practical and emotional level. This is where custom type and lettering excel. Hand lettered words express emotion much like the human voice. They can, in some cases, even serve as illustration. In our ever expanding digital environment the sense of human touch conveyed with hand lettering stands out as a welcoming voice.

Lettering and typography are my passion. I’ve studied and practiced lettering and type design for over 2 decades. Along the way I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of styles and media. If you have a project that might benefit from custom lettering or type; please don’t hesitate to call or write.


Stephen Rapp has been a lettering artist for over twenty years. He was a recipient of the Hermann Zapf Scholarship Award in 1997 and has been a lettering artist and type developer for American Greetings since 2000. Stephen’s work has been exhibited in numerous publications including Letter Arts Review, Scripsit, Bound and Lettered, the recently released “Modern Mark Making” by Quarry books, and Typography 30 by The Type Directors Club. He has taught classes and workshops on both calligraphy and lettering and has been a faculty member at the International Lettering Arts Conference and Typecon. In addition to his work with American Greetings, Stephen designs commercially available fonts for P22, Veer, and MyFonts.

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