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Steve Jackaman, a type and graphic arts expert with over 30 years experience, started Red Rooster Typefounders (RRT) foundry in 1990 with a team of highly-skilled type designers, typographers and software experts as the core of his production team. Over the next four years, this team designed and produced nearly 200 original and exclusive typestyles.

In 1995 Jackaman formed a new corporation called International TypeFounders, Inc. (ITF). Since then, ITF has produced over 300 additional original and exclusive typefaces under the new brand Rabbit Reproductions Typefoundry (RRT).

When you put all the pieces of this puzzle together, you get the “Red Rooster Collection.”

All the fonts are unique and original designs that are available in Mac Type 1, PC Type 1 and PC TrueType. ITF are one of the few companies that can successfully engineer WGL4 PC TrueType Unicode-enabled fonts and the new OpenType font format.

ITF offer a full range of custom font design and production services, including ‘Delta’ hinting.

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