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Rene Verkaart started Characters Font Foundry in 2004 as the result of a decade of custom logo- and typedesign for clients. Since 1995 he’s been running his own graphic design studio, Stoere Binken Design, with a friend. Most of his early typefaces were custom designed for product flyers or packaging for Sirius Products, his first and oldest client.

Most of his typefaces originate in his holidays. “Visiting new places in the world is a big inspiration for creating new typefaces”, he says.
With Characters Font Foundry Rene Verkaart wants to show himself and what he stands for. “Typography is a very personal thing and a powerful way of expressing yourself and conveying your message. I’m happy that there are websites like MyFonts, Fountain and Veer where people can find the typefaces that fit to their personality and how they want to portrait themselves.”

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“Today, people don’t send each other handwritten letters any more.

Computer-generated letters carrying digital signatures zip anonymously through cyberspace rather than being signed, sealed and delivered by a person. This is a great loss!

The handwriting representing a writer’s state of mind, passion and personality has been replaced by state-of-the-art typefaces that reveal more about the quality of the laser printer than the writer.

At the same time, computer-generated typefaces are losing more and more detail and individuality as ’fitting the grid’ becomes the overriding concern. But what if you want to say something out of the ordinary, something that can’t be grid-fitted? How can you deviate from the standard? Characters gives people the means by which they can express themselves. Whether they are happy or sad, angry or in love. Or perhaps simply to reveal themselves as they are.”

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