Established in 1981, Bitstream is the first independent digital font foundry. With over two decades of experience, Bitstream’s Custom Font Design Services Department provides high-quality font solutions for your unique typographic requirements. This service is available to all customers, including corporations and developers.

Bitstream announced the New Font Collection (NFC) program in August of 2000. The current Bitstream Typeface Library has been a mainstay of the graphic design community for over twenty years. Bitstream felt the time had come to begin a new collection of typefaces, not only to add fonts to the library but, more importantly, to seek out designs from both new and established designers. To pursue those goals, Bitstream established the New Font Collection program. The NFC continues to thrive on the inspired works of new and veteran designers and to seek new designers from across the globe.

On the technology side, recent focus has been on the development of small and fast rendering technologies such as Font Fusion, and a global text composition engine, Bitstream Panorama. These technologies have been designed for use in printers, set-top boxes and interactive TV, mobile and handheld devices, embedded systems, and other applications where font size and character generation performance are critical.

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