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My name is Svetoslav Simov. I was born on the 27th of September 1984 in Novi Pazar City and up till 2003 I lived and studied in the city of Shumen. I finished my high school education in the Shumen High School majoring in Biology and Chemistry. I then decided to apply for the Technical University in Sofia.
To achieve my goal, I took intensive courses in drawing and I was eventually placed into the supplementary admission group.
I then moved to Sofia and worked actively as a designer for about three years. My job at was a very good foundation and starting point for my career and in the beginning I worked from home on various projects. The work was very intensive and for a very short period of time I accumulated a great deal of valuable knowledge and experience. This was a time when I basically built up the qualities which help me in my work today. My work then involved the design of clipart packages, icons, logos and so on. I was making an average of 100 vector images a day and on certain days, I got as far as creating as many as 250. It was at this point I began to enforce self-discipline and control regarding work habits.
I’ve been working in the “Idea” creative agency in Sofia and deal mainly with the design of fonts for the company and creation of logo brands. I am still piling on experience and am developing strong and steady.

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