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Silas Dilworth focused his typographic vision as font technician and resident type designer at [T-26] from 2001 through 2004, producing various custom typefaces and overseeing the production of hundreds of new releases. In 2005 he began his solo career producing custom type for such clients as Aon Corporation, The Food Network, Converse, The Cartoon Network, Caterpillar, Time Out Chicago, and Columbia College Chicago. 2007 found Silas on staff at VSA Partners in Chicago producing exclusive type for the acclaimed design firm’s private use. One such project, an expansive sans-serif text family, was tapped to anchor IBM’s refreshed identity system in the iconic corporation’s award-winning 2006 Annual Report.

As TypeTrust’s co-founder and technical lead, Silas always keeps several unfinished type designs on the drawing board, all of which are available to prospective clients in need of exclusive corporate type. When he is not fussing over ampersands or the perfect ‘s’, he peppers his type design activities with a steady flow of Web and print work to maintain his reductive and practical design perspective.

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